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    Stretch ceiling

    Ceilings with photo printing are gaining more and more popularity now while designing new interiors. If earlier in the design of ceiling systems producers used conventional materials, but now modern technology allows to create incredibly beautiful and unusual patterns. Printing on stretch ceilings will create in your home a unique and unmistakable design.

    Free, good overlooking, absolutely smooth ceiling surface resembles a canvas for painting. Not surprisingly, people for centuries adorned the space over their heads, with intricate ornaments, mythological subjects, paintings, simulating the firmament. In the era of postmodern art design ceilings united with the latest technology. Ceilings with photo printing appeared in such way. Such ceilings are practical, environmentally friendly, fire-safe and easy to maintain. Artistic ceiling brought into the house beauty, give the interior a bright unique character.


    Photo printing is applied to various types of suspended ceilings, glossy, matt, satin and translucent.

    This decor helps to create elegant ceilings and unique design.

    Suspended ceilings have a lot of advantages. They create a flat surface conceal any irregularities, as they are very practical and easy to maintain. With their help, you can expand the space of the room visually.

    Using professional paint for printing on stretch ceilings prolongs the service pattern and allows you to easily take care of the canvas ceiling. It can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust or cobwebs. This ceiling does not fade in the sun and does not fade over time.

    Art prints on stretch ceilings

    You are always free to choose the image you like. For example, you can order the image of clouds on the ceiling. This creates a feeling of space, light and freedom. Subject freely floating clouds is one of the most popular. On the ceiling you can simulate an image of any complexity. For example, in the bedroom can be set ceilings with photo printing starry sky, space, colors, abstract drawing, and more. For children's rooms ceilings featuring favorite fairy tale characters or cartoon characters are perfect. Printing on stretch ceilings will create in the children a beautiful and fabulous interior, good and comfortable atmosphere for the child. You can order a print on stretch ceilings with photo of the ocean or the deep sea to the bathroom.

    Stretch ceiling is a product with unique technical properties, an elite element of the interior and the indicator of prestige. It will be a highlight of your image and give a unique office design. Tension ceilings is a modern and fashionable way to decorate your home. This is an opportunity to design a unique and inimitable design to your taste. Stretch ceilings with photo printing create a sense of comfort and relaxation, will give you a lot of positive emotions and provide a good mood.