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Mural on the wall is one of the most popular destinations in world decor. The company "Fabrika Inter’erov" represents a team of real professionals, who have been producing spectacular art coatings in a variety of styles for a long time. We are able to transform the interior and create something unique and memorable, so if you've decided to buy a mural, do not hesitate to call us now!

Mural on the wall has become a new trend in décor recently. They are also said to be the most popular type of décor, and become more and more recognizable now.


In Ancient Rome, this painting was considered to be a sign of wealth and high position in society. Today every person via the Internet can buy murals. Making a mural on the wall took nearly 3 months earlier, but now this process takes just a few days, thanks to modern technology printing. In spite of the finishing speed, the murals on the wall produced by “Fabrika Inter’erov” saved their former splendor and beauty. Our experts use environmentally friendly paints of the high European quality and the most importantly.


Modern technologies allow to fit the application frescoes perfectly in almost any repair. They are applied on plaster as well as on special surfaces such as craquelure.


The company “Fabrika Inter’erov”offers buying ready-made murals, and ordering the production of the individual images. In any case, the price of our products is one of the lowest in the world. We have high quality at relatively low cost due to our own production, as well as close cooperation with international manufacturers.

Buy murals on the wall you can directly on our website. In our catalog, we have collected a lot of different options and styles that suit not only the different interior options, but also belong to different historical periods.


Buy murals on the wall produced by “Fabrika Inter’erov”

Before buying murals, many of our customers are interested in the process of their manufacture, so we decided to briefly describe it.

The murals on the wall are prepared in the following stages:

  • The application of the plastic composition on a specially prepared fibrous structure. This operation allows you to prepare the texture of fabric, which can vary depending on the image and design.
  • The painting and drying process. After applying the color emulsion mural prepared for pressing, after the product enters the chamber, where there is just one drying process.
  • Decorating and final painting. At this stage, the wizard generates a fragmented painting product, followed by a fresco varnished.