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Buy multipanel paintings

The company "Fabrika Inter’erov" offers one of the most exclusive and modern design solutions for the decoration of the premises - multipanel paintings.

Multipanel paintings consist of several parts (two, three, four), each of which is shown in a separate canvas. Such pictures perfectly complement the interior of a modern apartment, office, bar, restaurant.

High-quality materials from European manufacturers, a lot of textures and unusual catalog of bright images guarantees the opportunity to highlight your style and personality. Among the many paintings multipanel paintings create options, we have identified a few standard:

But this does not limit our ability, as well as your imagination. We provide not only to buy multipanel paintings, but also to be engaged in their production for individual orders. To do this, we have non-standard designs that we produce specially according to your wishes (size, texture, number of panels). Terms of the order of the standard sample are 3-4 days, custom - 7 days.

Textures can be gloss, sand, frost, flax, brush, classic, venice, synthetic canvas, natural canvas, which multipanel paintings are made on. For better preservation, paintings are covered with varnish (matte or glossy).

To buy multipanel paintings you can on our website, or by phone - (098) 788-3-222, (066) 957-82-21.

The company Fabrika Inter’erov" is looking for retail and wholesale partners to implement multipanel paintings on very favorable terms for you.

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