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    Art shades

    Modern textile photo blinds solve not only problem of regulation of daylight in the room, but also serve as an excellent vehicle for the decoration of windows and interior of the room. Textile photo blinds from “Fabrika inter’erov” can be combined with traditional curtains, and may be the only element of window decorations. We offer to buy textile photo blinds garde, country, techno, as well as exclusive products of own production with the Eastern and Japanese designs.



    Modern textile photo blinds have their little peculiarities. Thus, during use textile with a pattern rises up in the folding rolls. Textile photo blinds take up little space and look organically with all kinds of windows, they are very easy to operate. When making textile photo blinds, we use European-made fabric, impregnated with anti-dust and anti-bacterial impregnation. In addition, the material used is resistant to fading and moisture and is not afraid of an ordinary household cleaning agents.

    Why you should buy from us textile photo blinds:

    • Protection from direct sunlight and optimal regulation of the luminous flux
    • Protection of furniture in the room from burning
    • Extra heat from the air gap between the window and fabric cloth
    • The combination with virtually any type of interior
    • Easy care
    • Fasteners can be made with the color of the window


    Buy textile photo blinds

    Properly selected textile photo blinds for windows will improve the overall design of the room and freshen stuffy office. Products can help expand the space of the room thanks to the images of mega-cities and landscapes. Fabric blinds gated excellent protection against UV rays and heat, so are ideal for use in apartments on the sunny side of the house. Textile photo blinds can be mounted on the window frame, sash or the wall. We offer to buy textile photo blinds with several kinds of transparency: clear, medium and dense fabric.

    Blinds patterned convenient in that you can choose an individual light transmission tissue, for example, for rooms with minimal sunlight no need to purchase the curtains closed. Textile photo blinds can be used to darken the balconies and loggias, and instead of partitions. The company "Fabrika inter’erov" offers to buy the original textile photo blinds by 2,000 exclusive images of something different: architecture, sports, business, nature, people, cities, children's world, vintage, hobbies, space, etc.

    How to care for photo blinds? Products of our production perfectly amenable to both dry and wet cleaning: cleaning brush, a damp sponge or vacuum them not a bit scary. Blinds do not collect dust and dirt, and thanks to the exclusive drawings look in any interior stylish and carefully. We recommend to add a few centimeters to size of your window when buying products, as to consider the dimensions of attachment mechanisms.

    Photo blinds are of particular importance for a child's room the atmosphere and mood of your child, so it is preferable in the children's bedroom to choose pictures from popular fairy tales and cartoons, "Cars", "The Little Mermaid", "Masha and the Bear" and others.

    If you are tired of the usual drapes and curtains, buy photo blinds with realistic drawings from producer. Our team is always ready to help in choosing blinds with the image of an elite interior, we will help to combine the current design with new design, advise on the installation and use of the product. Company "Fabrika inter’erov," is always glad to see new customers!