Art blinds

Photo shutters is a new way of decorating the windows of the elite. The are used successfully in the modern design of apartments and offices. Photo shutters represent a perfect solution for new and repairing of existing original interior. New manufacturing technologies allow photo shutters to arrange the room in the best traditions of modernity, gothic, classical, techno and more. "Fabrika Inter’erov" is a manufacturer of photo shutters of high quality fabric with color images. Our clients have the possibility to order the product on the basis of their own photo or picture.


The first wooden blinds were manufactured in the early twentieth century, a few decades later the American businessman George Hampton patented invention. After 1940s wooden shutters were replaced by metal and fabric counterparts. With the popularity of wall painting and the emergence of the first photowall American designers had the idea to produce exclusive blinds with pictures.

Using massive curtains is not common in the halls for negotiations, but shutters have become classics for the office interior. Not to look similar and boring for the room, you can use the drawings on blinds with landscapes, panoramas and flora. I should add that mount modern photo shutters are much easier than the other elements of decor for windows. Logo on photo shutters has great demand among entrepreneurs because it is a quick and easy way to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of visitors.

In order to buy photo shutters it is required to know the size. For the company "Fabrika Inter’erov," it is enough to communicate with managers at a specified phone number. Or use our image gallery and leave your request on-line.

In our catalog you can choose any photo shutters of any style:

  • abstraction and architecture
  • business, finance, sport
  • vintage, painting, patterns
  • flora, fauna, water world
  • city, landscape, panorama
  • 3D, hobby, space



What is the process of developing and manufacturing of photo shutters? After the buyer decided on the design and size of the goods, experts apply snapshot on a special paper, and then under pressure image is transferred onto the fabric. By this method of applying paints, pigment penetrates deep into the fabric structure that provides abrasion resistance to fading. Modern photo shutters- is not only an opportunity to create a unique interior design, but also the ability to change the picture quickly!

To buy photo shutters

We offer a vertical photo shutters of all sizes to our customers. Production time of the product does not exceed 2-3 days and delivery takes 1 to 2 days any transport company. After ordering, you will contemplate the panorama of the city or the summer beach in your apartment, thanks to the exclusive realistic drawings.

Our products are of European quality, all materials and paints are supplied from the best manufacturers in Europe. Buying photo shutters in the company "Fabrika Inter’erov," you do not need to worry about taking care of the product, the curtains are easy to clean and wash ordinary household tools.


Why you should buy photo shutters here:

  • Eco-friendly product with the presence of the required certificates
  • Elastic paint
  • Making photo shutters of all sizes
  • Unlimited selection of pictures
  • Photocopying is not erased in the operation
  • Fast delivery to any city in the world

Buying photo shutters from the manufacturer is much more convenient, safer and cheaper. You run the risk of not to buy a poor-quality product as our main goal is to gain consumer confidence. We will be glad to see you among our customers!

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